Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Structural Homeopathy: Lanthanide themes in Lachesis?

Structural Homeopathy: Lanthanide themes in Lachesis?

For those who want to truly delve into the inner workings of homeopathy I highly recommend Stephanie's Blog. There you will find well organized information about the Kingdoms: Plant, Mineral & Animal.

Stephanie has a keen understanding of the motivations of these living forms and entities. She has presented charts and structures for comparison and main themes. There is enough information there to keep you busy for years, I believe.

The blogs are full of insight, comparative philosophy, theory, personalities in homeopathy, cutting edge research and so much more.

With a background in psychology she has integrated all her knowledge and wisdom, added poetry, astrology, anecdotes iconic figures and cultural notations.

Once again, I highly recommend and give five stars to "Structural Homeopathy." There is more than Lanthanides here.