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Individualized Holistic Health Care: Black Lung Disease- THE HEALTH EFFECTS OF BREATHIN...

Individualized Holistic Health Care: Black Lung Disease- THE HEALTH EFFECTS OF BREATHIN...: My town Vasco-da-Gama is being ravaged by coal dust. The Indian port town of Goa  is a major ore and coal handling hub.

Dr Valerian has written an excellent expose on the effects of dust from coal burning on the respiratory system of people living near these activities.

Further information:

We need more of these excellent articles highlighting the many problems associated with the need for energy and the use of natural resources in a destructive manner to the environment and all living organisms.

It sounds as if the situation in India matches similar environmental impacts of coal pollution in China. The increase of China Air Pollution Linked to Asthma and In Increased Suicide Rate

You can also find some resource material about dust in lungs and silicosis in the article written after the Haiti Earthquake, when dust posed risks to human health.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Homeopathy for Poison Ivy: A Case in Point

Hello Amy ~ Thank you for this article on poison ivy, which spreads prolifically around our walkways, trails, gardens and paths of North Carolina. I end up with a case each summer when working in the garden, as these plants meander around the fruit trees, in the woody, shady and sunny locations. Typically, I use rhus tox, but just this week I did take a few doses of apis. After one week of oozing blisters and spreading locations, it's clearing up and not intensely itchy. Blessings to you and the family, Debby
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Top 10 Reasons Men Get Migraine Headaches migraines

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Homeopathy Evidence In Disease Prevention

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Coconut water for oral rehydration.
Ajwain Bishops Weed | An Indian Spice Seed Like Caraway

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I'm so excited about Monday April 16 Health Inn Live Video Show. Health Homeopathy Medicine

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Sex and Society. A Live video talk about how pornography influences populations. April 2

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Plant and Seed Diversity is Key To Survival of the Planet environment

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Special Notice To Truth Seekers
Amazon has a free promotional sale for just two day!

The Veiled Path by Kuram Srinivasachar Anand.  
Only a few times in your life will you find a friend who wants to give more than receive. On these occasions you feel blessed.

We Are Seekers of Truth
Sometimes you may get lucky and learn more about the friend's hidden talents, like I did. Anand notified me that he had made his attempt to write a serious book about his Hindu gurus. He had gone on the spiritual quest for the mysteries of life and saw others doing the same.

Telling The Tale

His goal to condense volumes of Hindu stories, mysticism and knowledge into the most basic fundamental pages for the short attention spanned public resulted in his little book. Like bringing a person a glass of water, Anand provides the bare essentials for you to sip and then when your thirst is quenched for the moment, you will surely want another sip later. 

Are You A Truth Seeker?
He begins with two letters, "OM." You will certainly want to learn about this word and why many say it daily. I would like to know what has the most power, the tiniest of tiny or the greatest of the great? 

Mithya The Delusion
You can hear the word, "Myth" in the name "Mithya." We learn about the eternal and limited. Anand talks about eternal questions with more questions. Ah! I'm learning the ego performs admirable functions.

In Search of Happiness
The seeker seeks happiness, wouldn't you think? You will be surprised with his story of what you thought would bring happiness and what happens over time. Anand makes us think about things. 

Learning the Pathways
Next we take the journey on many paths including yoga. Why would we want to do that? What is the mind doing when the body is doing something else? Read and find out. 

The Paths of Worship 
Could there be pitfalls to worship? You will need a master guide to find out. Talk a walk through the four states of being. Are you awake, dreaming or sleeping?

Finding Your Master
Finding your master implies many possibilities for your future direction. When obstacles put a block in your path, where and when will that master arrive to drive you forward? For each of us our master may be there at any moment.  

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"Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving." ~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Influenza: Homeopathic Healing Help

Influenza Season
We are in the middle of a flu pandemic. WHO is searching for ways to tackle this spreading problem. They have even closed schools in parts of the United States. The scary thing is that we are in spring and the beginning of summertime. This is typically not flu season. The experts are just waiting, watching and preparing for the upcoming winter season when flu strikes.

What Happens When You Get The Flu?
One minute you think you feel fine and the next minute you start to feel lousy! Suddenly, you are feeling weak, sweaty, chills, trembly, sneezing like mad, tummy aches and cramps, can't think straight, and you just want to go home to bed.

How To Be Prepared
Purchase a homeopathic remedy kit with a booklet that tells you how and when to use them. This is added security for the traditional steps to health care.


Oscillococcinum also called Anas barbariae hepatis made by Boiron is a preparation from Duck Liver that has a long history of helpfulness at the onset of influenza.
How To Take The Remedy
  • The package will recommend downing the entire tube of little pellets. This is totally unnecessary. You can place 3-4 pellets under your tongue, and repeat that a few times every hour to see if your symptoms lessen.
  • If you prefer not to take the dry dose, or you are giving the Oscillococcinum to an infant or child, you can drop a few pellets into 4-6 ounces of water, stir the glass and give by teaspoonful or let the child sip the glass.
  1. Convenient - does not need refrigeration
  2. Does not get outdated if properly kept in storage away from microwaves, damp areas, sunlight exposure
  3. No side effects - no drowsiness or stimulation
  4. Safe for workers operating vehicles and machinery
  5. Natural ingredients [no preservatives or mercury]
  6. Easy and pleasant to take
  7. Safe for all ages
  8. Safe for individuals with disease such as: cardiovascular disease, prostate disease, hypertension, glaucoma, thyroid disease, kidney or liver disorders or diabetes
  9. Reduces flu symptoms within day
  10. Reduces duration of illness
  11. Build the immune system
  12. Remember to take at first onset of fever, chills, body aches and pains
Popularity Increases
Boiron reports that sales have grown about 20 percent a year during the past few years, reaching about $200 million in 1995. You can find oscillo in grocery, pharmacy and health food stores around the world, in addition to all online stores.


Current Bid: $4.99

Influenzinum Homeopathic Remedy

Influenzinum can be given as pro-active treatment, the same as oscillococcinum.
It is just as safe, effective, and gentle with no side effects.
If you already have flu symptoms, it is best to take the oscillococcinum and to review the unique symptoms of the person so you can select a specific homeopathic remedy that matches the way the person's vital force deals with the illness.
Using common sense and basic care:
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • When you cough cover your mouth
  • Sneeze into your sleeve rather than your hand.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to help loosen mucus, soothe your sore throat, and replace fluids lost because fever causes dehydration.
  • Do not drink alcohol, it will dry the tissues in your throat
  • Drink plenty of Vitamin C drinks, like orange juice if it doesn't irritate your stomach [ some say 1000 gm]
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Use sponge bath for fever
  • Oreganol tincture drops in water or directly under tongue helps open sinus
  • Stop smoking
  • Drink ginger tea for upset stomach and nausea
  • Chicken soup! with ginger, garlic, parsley astragalus root
  • Salt water gargle - 1/4 teaspoon per 8 ounces water
  • Zinc echinacea lozengers
  • Vitamin E oil, olive oil or flaxseed oil applied to chapped lips
Learn More
For a list of specific remedies please visit my hubpages
on Oscillo and on Influenza

Homeopathy World Community
If you need help from a professional or want to find out the latest news about Swine Flu

Ty Bollinger Story and Cancer Book
Dear Dana. I was nodding my head and cheering you on throughout this article. Commendations to you on your contributions to furthering homeopathic care in the U.S. and around the world. Thorough articles with references that answer questions from both the uninitiated and the well-informed add value. Three cheers to Dana.

I thought this was very important: "The study found that 50 percent of patients given a homeopathic medicine experienced a 25 percent or greater improvement in tender point pain on examination, as compared to only 15 percent of those who were given a placebo experienced a similar degree of improvement. After four months, the homeopathic patients also rated the "helpfulness of the treatment" significantly greater than did those who were given a placebo."

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Making Money On Hubpages Questions Answers Tutorial

Ty Bollinger Story and Cancer Book
Homeopathy Study of The Back pain spondylosis @similiaDoc

Ty Bollinger Story and Cancer Book

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Obama Addresses EPA Staff Tuesday

Out with the old and in with the new. This 'transfer of power' must go on all around our country to save the health of a nation, its environmen
­t, the high altitude atmosphere that dumps noxious gases in distant states and lands, and replace with sustainabl­e clean energy sources.

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Ty Bollinger Story and Cancer Book