Saturday, March 24, 2012

Special Notice To Truth Seekers
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The Veiled Path by Kuram Srinivasachar Anand.  
Only a few times in your life will you find a friend who wants to give more than receive. On these occasions you feel blessed.

We Are Seekers of Truth
Sometimes you may get lucky and learn more about the friend's hidden talents, like I did. Anand notified me that he had made his attempt to write a serious book about his Hindu gurus. He had gone on the spiritual quest for the mysteries of life and saw others doing the same.

Telling The Tale

His goal to condense volumes of Hindu stories, mysticism and knowledge into the most basic fundamental pages for the short attention spanned public resulted in his little book. Like bringing a person a glass of water, Anand provides the bare essentials for you to sip and then when your thirst is quenched for the moment, you will surely want another sip later. 

Are You A Truth Seeker?
He begins with two letters, "OM." You will certainly want to learn about this word and why many say it daily. I would like to know what has the most power, the tiniest of tiny or the greatest of the great? 

Mithya The Delusion
You can hear the word, "Myth" in the name "Mithya." We learn about the eternal and limited. Anand talks about eternal questions with more questions. Ah! I'm learning the ego performs admirable functions.

In Search of Happiness
The seeker seeks happiness, wouldn't you think? You will be surprised with his story of what you thought would bring happiness and what happens over time. Anand makes us think about things. 

Learning the Pathways
Next we take the journey on many paths including yoga. Why would we want to do that? What is the mind doing when the body is doing something else? Read and find out. 

The Paths of Worship 
Could there be pitfalls to worship? You will need a master guide to find out. Talk a walk through the four states of being. Are you awake, dreaming or sleeping?

Finding Your Master
Finding your master implies many possibilities for your future direction. When obstacles put a block in your path, where and when will that master arrive to drive you forward? For each of us our master may be there at any moment.