Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Homeopathy: A Healthier Way to Treat Depression?

Dear Dana ~ I've been reading a number of responses to this article and have been delighted to read the positive, insightful and knowledgeable information from those who have experienced homeopathy, and homeopathic care as they plan to further their studies. Their remarks show that they really understand the process of case-taking and the principles behind this form of medicine.

I wrote an article about depression and homeopathy some months ago that might also be of interest. The rate of anxiety, depression and suicide in all demographics have skyrocketed, especially for teens and veterans. Creating awareness about homeopathy along with professional therapy and support groups will help these people overcome difficult and devastating obstacles in their lives.
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Ben & Jerry's No Longer Fudging the Truth

How wonderful to have a citizen advocate make a dent in the system. Applause and thank you. Stay away from ice-cream, unless you make it yourself with your own reliably fresh, wholesome ingredients.

The FDA is starting to get the message. They have not performed well over the last decade, but with all the notoriety for drug and product recalls they need to improve their own public image. Today's social media explosion enables the man in the street to have his say and band together with other like-minded individuals to point out what needs repair in the system. That goes for false labeling, improper advertising, dangerous, unsafe and unhealthy food ingredients.

That you for taking a strong position and ACTION on this issue.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

One Woman's Story: Saying No to Conventional Cancer Treatment

Dear Dr Nalini Chilkov. Thank you for writing this book review and telling us how contemporary cancer treatment may be changing as hospitals begin to integrate alternative care units that include nutritional and dietary changes, acupuncture and other healing modalities.

As we become more health conscious, and take responsibility for our self care, we question the status quo. Society begins to question mammogram protocol as we review the effects of radiation. Chemotherapy changes into more targeted treatments and less toxicity.

We still have many unanswered questions regarding the increase in incidence of many cancers and at younger ages, including brain cancer, hodgkins, breast, pancreatic, etc.

We have made strides, but there is a long way to go. Bringing alternative approaches into the treatment options also brings more choices for those diagnosed with cancer. I'm looking forward to "YOU DID WHAT?: Saying No to Conventional Cancer Treatment" is a book written by Hollie and Patrick Quinn.

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Ty Bollinger Story and Cancer Book