Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Is the 'Green' Medicine Revolution? (Part II)

Dear Dr Malerba,

I hope and pray that your words will reach a large audience and with your credentials, background, and experience people will listen carefully to what you have written here. Every paragraph could have come directly from a chapter in Samuel Hahnemann's Organon of Medicine, as you described the principles and direction of healing versus the suppression of symptoms when we don't think holistically. I sincerely thank you for continuing the education process. Are you doing speaking engagements for medical students and refresher courses for physicians? Are doctors beginning to question and rethink their protocols, procedures and use of medications?

Thank you

Debby Bruck

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pesticides to Reduce Mosquito and West Nile Virus Affects Bee Populations

Pesticides to Reduce Mosquito and West Nile Virus Affects Bee Populations

How many of us are aware of what is happening in our own community?

Good Intentions That Have Questionable Outcomes

In just about every state and all regions that contain mosquito populations, our local and state governments are instituting pesticide spraying policies. In an attempt to keep insects at low levels, they are putting many other living populations at risk. Most of you have heard of chemtrails, which cause allergic reactions in humans, but have you thought how it would effect all other wild animals and the balance of nature?

Saving The Bees

This hub brings to your attention the importance of saving the bees, because we depend upon them. We must take a lesson from all the clues in our environment that tell us something is not right in our world. Natural events presently warn of what is to come. We must make better decisions and contact our legislators requesting them to make ethical choices. As I read this list of adverse effects from pesticide sprays I am reminded the the Gulf of Mexico oil spill toxins that have poured into our oceans, waterways, marshes and the gaseous fumes now in our atmosphere which rain down harsh hydrocarbon poisons that people breath. Click title for full article.

The video above is quite dramatic, inflammatory and extreme in its predictions for earth's population and civilizations. The producer tried to make a point and comparison between bee civilizations and human civilizations. Calling a warning he attempts to move us to action now! His imagination runs wild, but do we really know what the future foretells? Isn't that the purpose of ancient sages who had visions and called out in the village square? All I can say it that we should listen and learn. If this is our worst nightmare, then we should band together as worker bees to find solutions to the collapse of the world as we know it today.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Is the 'Green' Medicine Revolution?

Dear Larry,

I enjoyed reading your article on the Greening of Medicine based upon how humanity views ourselves and our universe, and our relationship to our world. The pendulum swings from each extreme and hopefully will find a happy medium where each valid form of medicine finds its rightful place. A place where materialism and spiritualism rests comfortably with those who need the benefits of these systems. For those who require a spiritual component of human understanding and care - we know there are studies that indicate bedside manner increases improved outcome for the patient. There are man who attribute their healing to 'community' bonding, prayer and their connection to God. Others, require strict discipline to clinical numbers and sterile environment, with many medications to maintain balance. For each type of individual there could be a way and that is part of the journey of life, finding our way to live in peace.
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