Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Is the 'Green' Medicine Revolution?

Dear Larry,

I enjoyed reading your article on the Greening of Medicine based upon how humanity views ourselves and our universe, and our relationship to our world. The pendulum swings from each extreme and hopefully will find a happy medium where each valid form of medicine finds its rightful place. A place where materialism and spiritualism rests comfortably with those who need the benefits of these systems. For those who require a spiritual component of human understanding and care - we know there are studies that indicate bedside manner increases improved outcome for the patient. There are man who attribute their healing to 'community' bonding, prayer and their connection to God. Others, require strict discipline to clinical numbers and sterile environment, with many medications to maintain balance. For each type of individual there could be a way and that is part of the journey of life, finding our way to live in peace.
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