Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Song in My Head

I'm on so many websites that I started to tally them up and still counting. The twitter revolution is flitting away my time. I'm a junkie and wonder how anyone keeps up with all of this social networking. People tell me to organize and limit.

Wondering how they respond to all the incoming messages, not to mention emails? Just say 'ta-ta' to all your newly made friends? If anyone could guide me to another good blog about how to live. Ah.

Maybe we should simply shut off the computer? Some how I don't know how to do that, yet. I think we're all living vicariously through everyone else's blogs, tweets, posts, hubs, and squids [what do you call those things again?].

This is kind of turning into my very own 'live journal' because I've lost the name and password to that one, too. Isn't it so much excitement and fun building relationships and partnerships? Helping people build their business and sing their song of what they love. Learning social networking is the rage and everyone is doing it.

We all know it is good for some things, but not other things. Like when to find the time to watch the flowers bloom and the kids play?

Is there a website for NING-A-HOLICS Anonymous? Hope to 'Tweet' in again soon. I think my brain is turning to mush as my verbiage disintegrates into bits and bytes. So many links and pages, does anyone know how to AGGREGATE to CONSOLIDATE and LIQUIDATE? I will have to make a song about it.