Monday, July 4, 2011

Questioning the 'Guardians of Science'

Dear Dr Katz ~ I found this a refreshing article on the best way to care for your patients. I felt no need to read the article to which you were responding­. No need to listen to another man's evaluation of your position and method of searching for solutions to humanity's pain and sufferings­, when you state it so clearly here.

I especially admire your humility of accepting that when you had used every convention­al medicine available, as a true healer, you began to search out other modalities being used, before you put the negative stamp upon it. RE: "I maintain that responsive­ness to the needs of patients is as great an imperative in medicine as responsibl­e use of science." In other words, you put your patients first and foremost in an effort to ease their pain when what you had been trained to do simply did not work.

Please ignore any negative remarks by person's bent [with inflexibil­ity] upon destroying the good name and honor of someone who does not fit into their mold. We need more independen­t thinkers to move our planet to a better place in medicine and other areas of well-being­. Blessings, Debby
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